Kobe Bryant Scores 40 As Lakers Rout Magic In Nba Finals

The 1972 NBA playoffs adopted numerous of the exact same teams as the prior season, but there would be a various end result from the 1971 playoffs. The groups that qualified for the playoffs that season had been Los Angeles, Chicago, Golden State, Milwaukee, Boston, Atlanta, Baltimore and New York.

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The Lakers and Celtics had a great deal of history in the Finals, and most of history favored the Celtics. This season was the initial period that the “Bill Russell Funny NFL memes MVP Award” would be dispersed. This was very interesting as Russell was nonetheless playing in the league at this time.

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The Lakers and Celtics fought out this series till the end. When all was stated and done the Lakers had been as soon as once more defeated by the Celtics in the NBA Finals. Invoice Russell left the NBA with 2 consecutive NBA Championships below his belt. Regardless of dropping, Jerry West was awarded the Invoice Russell NBA Finals MVP Award. This is the only time in history that the award was won by a participant on the losing team.

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